Thursday, March 11, 2010

The I, Me, My:
Self-Defense in Modern Society

Kofi Fosu Forson

Frontier women safeguarded their authority by carrying rifles. This was a premise for what becomes the person and self, prone to the victimization by society as in what lengths one would take to keep the wolves from their door.

An urban setting is replete with as much signifiers present in the mind of a schizophrenic. But in the modern premise for existing not much of it is counter culture. A homogenizing of what is black and white does very little to enhance the brilliance that has insofar created this non-existence.

The Crisps and Bloods are defined by the colors blue and blood (red). As a writing exercise I have spent evenings during which I meditated on colors that is to say purple is a mixture of blue and red. Blue and yellow gives way to green. Red and yellow makes orange. That in a society of primary colors if given the chance certain temperaments and notions of life bring forth an assemblage of culture.

The rendering of philosophy changes in reference to the issue of race and class. A black revolutionary's notion of defense is more or less self-authority along with a stringent philosophy comprised of societal and racial politics. Civil Rights gave way to the furthering of a cause which prepared those within the culture to take matters to their own hands. These were not so much leaders of the civil rights movements but those who chose immediate means and were vocal via literature, print journalism or rallies.

What then calls for defense within a civilized world? Do the writings of Anais Nin and Simone de Beauvoir attempt at fending off the literary chaos and imbalance. And in doing so did they need to ingratiate what was the self along with the greater divide which was a compromising of what is truth, circumstance and art.

To defend one must carry a weapon. Or should they?

The pugilist defends with both boxing gloves positioned in front of his face. Either that or with one arm propped at the side of his head and his shoulders bent inwards. This is known as a stance. A policeman at guard carries a gun. The white gloves of a surgeon are sensitive to his nature. A dominatrix may incorporate a whip in her activities. A blackboard and a chalk are found in most classrooms. These are understood and are associated with certain professions.

What then is the role of a thief with a gun or knife?

Gang warfare is predominantly a means of protecting turf along with it is a certain level of testosterone and braggadocio. Criminals operate under a different mindset. Once having lived alongside the like either in a ghetto, prison or street culture the mind incorporates certain improbabilities not found among those who are outright content and not visualant.

The mind therefore is the greatest form of defense.

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