Monday, July 26, 2010

Generational Politics:
The Punktitude of Pussy Posing

Kofi Fosu Forson

We are not let to believe that young boys in the 1920's snuck out of their parent's homes and went to get laid. The theory of the CAVE MAN is more relevant:- that we BASH we BREAK we TAKE.

Seemingly the 1950's would suggest a reckless behavior from the setting of the nuclear family whether it'd be a hummed and reclusive drug culture or pronounced race baiting. This was the era where young and old reached a divisibly and decisivesly blatant seperation. Movies like Rebel without A Cause and icons such as James Dean would represent what was the politics of the day separate from presedential politics setting trends between youth culture and parenting probabilities.

Pronouncedly the areas where youth met mature or old was radio and television as in man landing on the moon or JFK getting shot, entertainment and topical news represented what outrageously brought children together with their parents. Outside of that, music was the one potential to form a difference from youth culture and what was more relevant to adults. At times this met a melting point. For example I discovered jazz by listening to my father's records. Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman became important to me because of my father. And yet there were means of tension as some of these jazz records were not to my liking and seemingly defined him more than did me, Stanley Turrentine and Quincy Jones among others.

The WOODSTOCK era would then elevate that contension of youth. Whereas this defined the hippie culture it further expressed that notion of youth and freedom. The British Invasion, the Beatles and rock and roll had already established this.

Generational Politics of today is understandable as the fusion of world and internet politics has established where we are today. What is life as a young person is totally removed from an adult in the day to day because the circumstances surrounding children is influenced by so much more unlike the 50's or 60's. The movie KIDS was able to portray the nature of a child. It has yet to be equaled although foreign films succeed at giving a voice to youth culture.

Movies from earlier on celebrated youth in an honest way. 1980's BREAKFAST CLUB movies were true to nature although the sex comedies as a trend has lead to what I call the "White Boy" movies of today which demeans the original humor. Harry Potter can be said to have heightened the notion of entertainment for youth but at the same time it is not giving a voice to young men and women as to how they live and talk. Somehow these fantasy movies continue to be made and they fail to represent the youth of today.

While mature men and women continue to watch CNN and worry about gender issues, young men and women live a life outside of this. FASHION, SEX and MUSIC are areas where the elements of both come together in marketing and campaigns to sell commercial products for the sake of a dollar.

Otherwise there will continue to be limits between what is young and what is old. This as a conscientious world has been dimmed enough to allow for little introspection furthering a higher cause for internet sex, technology issues and money management.

The understanding of who we are, where we come from and where we are going somehow is not important any more.

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