Thursday, July 22, 2010


The Manifest of the Gorilla Head

Kofi Fosu Forson

Gorilla Head, Cabeza de Gorilla, was a novel I wrote over the course of five years. I spent two years afterwards editing it with the help of poet and my professor of Film and Literature at the time Diane Stevenson.

It had potential and still does but I feel in retrospect my choice of language was not as clear as it is now. Having spent five years in a virtual relationship with British curator and writer Gaynor Sweeney I have excelled at my notion of language and philosophy. And much like most of my friends, colleagues and mentors I have bid them adieu with a path now which includes people who care about my well being as friend and artist and are not in it to poison me with their ego.

Noah Becker, publisher of Whitehot Magazine, among them who continues to further my dreams as magazine writer.

In writing for Whitehot I have spoken to and writen about some exceptional artists including John Lurie and Phoebe Legere. Much of this venture is a dream come true as I get to talk to childhood heroes and idols. I spent my entire teenage years idolizing John Lurie, the musician, actor and painter. To have spent an evening talking to him on line was quite special. The same goes for Joan Jeanrenaud former cellist for the Kronos Quartet.

Having parted ways with my connection with Liverpool and its artists with the exception of Jo Debyshire who is currently working to get me involved with the Liverpool Biennial, I have had to tend to matters domestic and life oriented. More so than not I have had to restrain myself from living the hard-edged life of most artists who fail to tend to their emotional and physical health.

I've since built a defense which has helped me deal with matters familial and sexual. I continue to ward of people who have potential to affect my life in a negative way. In a sense writing outside of the magazine has taken a backseat. As of today I am planning to quit smoking. The photo which accompanies this blog is an example of my past which will follow me for the rest of my life but in doing so I would have carried on with a more healthier and probable way of living.

I'd like to apologize to those who follow my blog and have not been able to read new and current blogs. The past five years has been an exercise in philosophy and ego. It has taken me that much time to find my voice. I have spent the months away from my blog to build exceptional virtual relationships with people on line, mostly Facebook.

I bring to you now a sense of knowing and belonging as human first then artist. The person and body that I am now is some one you can relate to. I'll continue to blog on topics that interest me and you as well and hopefully help to further and build this internet community.

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