Friday, September 24, 2010

Hazy Fantazy
The Fantasy Delirium
Woman as Flesh/Woman as Fantasy

Kofi Fosu Forson

The virtual age has spurned a subreality from the existence of the female in flesh to an all too reality of women as virtual fantasies. Having lived a virtual reality for the past ten years women seem a vision less impressionable in the real as they are as denominated within the dream sequence or managed and exploited within fantasies.

The woman at once intelligent featured as body sexual and penetrable has become a means of transient and fleeting examples of masturbation or made do for neccessary moments of meaningless chatter for the sole purpose of fornication. Much of this is so because of the virtual seperation between men and women in the modern age. A lot is also due to the fascination with pornography where women are virtual desires.

Women as physical beings have taken on a strain between love and desire. Whereas women in the past were understood as complicated beings most men took time intellectually and psychologically to know them, it is now more or less advantageous to woo a woman to bed than to know her within the realms of heart, spirit and soul.

People do still marry and carry on strong relationships. That love is in existence is real. Simply love is what keeps the balance between us as humans. What has occurred are the links with which people find love and how they define love for themselves. The eccentricities of love has taken on proportions which remove from its core what is morally acceptable among humans.

The entity that was and is love was furthered by the disposition of women as nurturing beings. Currently the woman has removed herself from that role and is more a seductress. This is more or less due to the pluarity in language between men and women. The introduction of tantric culture and the woman as sex muse was quick to influence gender politics. It encouraged the nature of women and gave them a sense of dominance more or less the right to be sexually free.

As physical beings and in the flesh women are obsessively in competition with the virtual muse. The model that is the porn actress wears on the conscience of the male in society. To then imbibe the existence of women in the real much of the fantasy delirium plays a part as it removes the fervour of what is female and turns it into a physical and almost animalistic relevance. That the female becomes a sexual creature less alluring more subjected to fornication.
Within the realm of fantasy the woman is not trading skin for skin or exchanging body fluids. She is a sex muse with relevance to the psychical and spiritual. It is not a sex act but it is indeed a sexual experience. As fantasy it is orgiastic and orgasmic. It plays on the erogenous zones. Depending on how psychically aware a person is they are turned on and react physically.

Modern women in their current existence have to compete with the virtual world with it's sex muses and virtual fantasies. The person that is woman therefore in the real and in the flesh is limited to a notion a thing as the intellect is removed from the female animal leaving her problematic as a sexual creature who feasts on the body without any probabilities of thought.

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