Thursday, September 23, 2010

La Belle Ballyhoo
Modernizing of the Bombshell/
Pornography and the Reality Show

Kofi Fosu Forson
The differentiation of the good girl and what is normal has thinned itself into what is now accepted as obsessive behavior. There are no good girls it seems. The once blessed Catholic girl is tattooed with multiple lovers.

Women are now made divisible by the bombast and those who walk the street in the everyday. The eccentricity of the bombshell is a woman with bleached blonde hair, well dressed with heavy make-up. The notion was this variety of woman was the one enjoying the most sex. Due to what was home-made porn the typical woman in the everyday has acquired as much flirtation as the female who once subjected herself to Las Vegas trips or dated business men. This circumstance has rioted into what is orgiastic leaving very little space for women who function in what would be deemed as normal and typical.

Once was the variety of women where some were more intellectual, shy, promiscuous, secretive or lonely. Somehow many women have merged this difference as this so-called laughable sexual revolution has formed women into one identity as men-seeking-whores.

There is truth to this as some women of extreme intelligence are forced to live a sense of hilarity dumbing down their intelligence to be as bimbotic as most women. The breath of an intelligent women combined with a heightened sexuality is such an attractive thing. These are the kind of women who warrant an extreme sexuality. What I find however is that many of these women subject themselves to men who are less dominant sexually as if they are unwilling to partnership with profound men of masculinity.

Men who want to quote/unquote "get laid" do so with a variety of women most of whom are insatiable and not the typical professional woman. Some women do seek to marry and have children. Many find this on-line on websites like But even with marriages some are polyamorous or include women who are interested in group sex.

What is bothersome is the declared language between men and women. Honesty and sophistication is a thing of the past. Men pursue women mostly for sex. Vice versa women do the same. Those who pursue marriage are exclusive in how they find it.

Otherwise this pattern of feasting on the body for sex will increase all through societies around the world. Men and women will seek one thing and one thing only. Any forms of intelligent banttering will be left to social networks like Facebook.

Whereas men and women exist locally and internationally sexual activity will be made pronounceable in how men and women relate. Obscenity will replace integrity. Respect for the opposite sex will be nothing more than excuse to fornicate.

Gender relations have officially been extenuated. There are no principles governing who the woman is and what she wants. It's understood.

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