Friday, January 28, 2011

Love by Assassination
Kofi Fosu Forson

We came from assassinations king and queen of cunt
Let desire be tattooed punk blonde coiffure in white gown
Kitchen goddess ascend mouth the word demonology
Pussy valor wire bound denominated as Masoch mistress
In this kingdom we are drugged dogs under influence
Longest journey took to kill what propaganda death
That our bodies imprisoned in coffins was romantic
Voluptuous serial cunnulingus Fassbinder fountain
Oh St. Christopher who among these animals cursed
Beautiful men Tahitian things transformed gorgeous
Sharon greetings to your belly I remember it well
Earth mother Gauganesque yellow water in a bowl
Make suicide of morning drink the East River dry
Pull me into womb of earth suffocate these memories
Bury then that once we were wise capable of love
The day of your birth we became murderers
On a middle class bed we tormented each other
Fought our flesh disposed of sweat struggled to live
We had awoken a ghost embraced and died

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