Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mis-Education of Fuzz Glass or Prognostication on the future of Black Girls

They came from cocoa villages, black skinned with their afro dos, corn-rowed, starry-eyed
To give a helping hand nurture what was the future of Ghanaian school children, African babies
Their working parents called upon homes of homes for available girls who showed some love
Brought into this world kindness of angels, these woman-child, taught to embrace give warmth
Butter the mouths, in the houses where mothers left for work at morning’s dew, they woke
Maids, madams, bathed boys, bath water and soap, prepared them, a day which stood at guard

Accra, city where imported movies, Sodom and Gomorrah and Taxi Driver were gossiped about
Young diamonds of dust, head kerchiefs on their heads, telling stories about blood lust and skin
Matured as cosmopolitans carried on with men, neighborhood thieves impregnating them
Making them lovers, by the bars and boys quarters, getting their periods sooner than expected
Hopes and dreams brought them to America, alongside families who promised education
They came from cocoa villages, found French perfume to be lovely at stores on Park Avenue

They were born and bred New York, from ghettos in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Long Island
At a time when words were bullets that permeated ghetto blasters, poured from lips of MC’s
It was the East Coast, gang war fare, tough turfs, cold bread and watered down tea for lunch
Empty buildings, broken windows, subway trains, graffiti walls, stick up boys spraying pennies
Sure shot girls walking rails, making beats for radio, Roxanne, Roxanne, I wanna be your man
Underground parties, brandishing uzis, cutting blow, humping girls in the dark blue after glow

They were native tongue, Afrocentric and conscious, spitting poetry about kings and queens
Queen Latifah and Moni Love, Come on and get some, brown skin honey, spoonful, cinnamon
Political activist, sharp blunt blowing smoke, cut cutting the system, public enemy number one
It takes a nation of millions to hold you back, watch glorious girls in kente cloth braid their hair
Dance the way from Boogie Down to Canal Street, Blondie did not put hip hop on the map
She smoked the puff out of tall white sticks, was to CBGB’s, what Big Daddy was to Kane

Hips be macking, big booty be shaking, white, black and brown skin girls all out club clubbing
We were peas in a pod, Super models, glamour age, R & B soul singers, all world was a stage
Acid jazz, higher learning in black colleges, art, dance, nutrition, nursing and a doctorate degree
Queen divas were born in the 60’s, black girl groups like The Shirrels, show stopping numbers
1, 2, 3, Hit me, God Father James Brown, They bowed to you, from Tina to Chakah to Whitney
Modern day bombshells, black goddesses under a spell, talking eternity, singing songs of soul

They come from Cosby, they come from Aaliyah, they come from TLC, millennials, smart phones
Uploading selfies, Instagirls, septum rings and twistas, short blonde afros, blue lipstick, necklace
FKA Twigs, what Sade was to Neo Soul, the young urban girl is to social media, dance killa dance
Break the bones in your body, shake shake it until you set the monsta loose, grown groan girl
Singing the blues, trick tricky, modernist sista in a mondernist world, Zadie Smith, white tongue
Lick her pubis, suck her nipple, girl on girl, you make me wanna, you make me wanna, girl fight

I am man of the world, never set a foot outside your door, New York, New York City, I spit
Not blood but words, been analyzed, profanitized, they called me Fuzz Glass, gave me white ass
Black boy in a black bandana, lived among the treacherous things, drug addicts, alcoholics
A double life of art and madness, saw the fear of midnight, like a morning star followed
A home in Harlem now, after having made amends, Black Gold of the Sun, a book, a memoir
I am a black man in a black world, revolutionized, I dream of days where black girls spin webs

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