Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Mia Bella Morte

Kofi Fosu Forson

Monday massacre I hang by the bar with daiquiri thinking of Delores Romanyshyn a Puerto Rican Italian
who was the most beautiful.
Her face Sophia. Mouth Monroe. Eyes Bardot. I look at the reflection in the mirror back of bar I see Delores.
Drunk the devil I am I see Delores. May not be Delores who told me I would never forget her. Could be
Delores woman who sells at the market. I want to bring her home make love. Taste jalapeno. Shoot Tequila."

Fall to bed. Mindfucking Ezmerelda. An Isabelle Allende novel. Woman stands on patio long haired dressed in silk
Channeling her guapito. He arrives hot dust in back of limousine fresh from penitentiary five years done.
Walks into her room salsa salsa conga conga bella bella Ezmeralda pop popping champagne bottle.

Make love to me as if you couldn't breathe you needed my love to give you air bring you back to life.
Make love to me as if we were animals we didn't know when to stop or continue we were possessed.
Make love to me as if we were dead nothing mattered whether we lived or died we didn't exist.

Hanging by bodegas shooting rag cussing bout government polluting our minds crime pays I tell ya.
Made more this week than I would washing dishes at Mexican. But each time he puts them shackles on me.
Wrist buckle pin striped fall in line head on up into the bin white control white smack white disease white rice.

Revolutionaries making vodka out of hog water scraping burnt sugar from walls of rent controlled apartments.
Money doesn't matter tonight we can play Monopoly go on out paint graffiti hop a few trains to Times Square.
Score some from Isabella street walker lipstick love dildo lez makes it with men who like it weird and freaky.

Bar bolero washed up done night people looking for loud love pissed drunk drug happy shimmy shimmy.
Backroom orgy wild thieves making music chairs rocking bottles spill crash to make a sudden burst boom.
Loon room sophisticated chico chicas Harlem hustlers ramblers from Upper West Grand Central crash
Smoking phillies chit chat spanglomerican jive ass slow dancing something some one said blood on the floor.

Mommy Amore makes living off tips serving drinks to pimps cutting up blow transvestites giving head.
Hatian black girl stole her man did some woo yoo voodoo on his ding a ling wang dang ding dong.
Dresses up night after night leaves home comes here where there is no life people die night in night out
Two boys and a girl Pedro Ricardo Lisa the beautiful ones are not born they are made molded messed with
Pushed into corners they fight Salvador Sanchez Alexis Arguello Earnest Hemingway Hurricane Carter.

Tonight she had no soap for her bath took a shower piled on the perfume stood in a corner like usual
Poured drink after drink nothing funny about tonight Pedro locked the door after she kissed him goodnight.
Nothing funny about tonight she'll make some money for rent food stamps will take care of everything else
Catches herself smiling thinking about the future Pedro wants a job in maintenance Lisa wants to sing
Little Ricardo Little Ricardo standing looking forward she feels one two three quick shots in her chest area
Touches with fingers turning red her eyes open wide face explodes with fear she falls down collapsing

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