Saturday, November 07, 2015

Ass Love, Sacrificing of Brooklyn Video Artist

Art anxiety - Black Marquis de Sade painting muses
He undresses actresses in Episcopalian under rooms
Sexual hysteria - voyeuristic Italian homo meditating
Virtual copulation, African philosopher, Polish model
Subliminal paranoia, fainting, sight of a fetish goddess
She mirrors him, his head explodes from Kierkegaard
At her Williamsburg address sculpted six feet dildos
Mexican neighbor, romantic parasitic lover screaming
Francis Bacon pose,camera elevated over Moroccan bed
Nights when their caravan wandered Ashanti forests
Machete between teeth, painted skin, blood shot eyes
Back woods held captive, chained to mango trees
New Hampshire woman, mother Guggenheim weeping
Talking drums, trumpets bleat, baritone saxophones moan
Smoke builds towards malicious sky, Adowa dancers emerge
Standing Kumasi chief, cult member, surveys the underworld
Thieves wearing masks spears in hand present goat’s head
Bonfire burning at midnight, lions roam, cheetahs, hyenas
Young girls blinded with white cloth, boys dragged by feet
Sacrifice to Gods, mountainous men rage, Cocteau’s wrath
Brooklyn agoraphobia, Abolitas masquerade as dope dealers
Barbarians at whiskey bar beating dead horse drink bourbon
Resembling Bette Midler, ass love, ship captain christening
Bang champagne bottle against derriere, bubbles bursting
Tormented titillation, grips the mattress, head against pillow
Cringes, hot breath emanate tight lungs, clenched fists shake
Boat ride through the Caspian Sea, background urban music
Vultures wait ashore, prepare for massacre, vicious claws
Sink into perspiring flesh, psychotic screech, blood red water
Bodies torn apart float, slashed breasts, scarred male torso
Morning sunshine welcomes them rotting over river beds

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