Sunday, November 15, 2015

Suicide Chiaroscuro

Mistook you for a fig. Fug. Was it me that bronze statue?
Painterly walls house works from an Iowa Walt Whitman.
Gasoline theft. He sucked my breath from Rolly cigarette.
Boys rougher than rats.Blonde slither, smooth chick, butter skin.
Loose cuffs on your wrists.Slip me a number. I run from gallery
Mucks making art out of cop kills. Legs stalk the Eastern grid
To empty pockets, pristine NYU girls lined up between 1st and A
Night wounds, rope scar around neck, he pulls at gold chains
Martinis with former Rauschenberg acquaintance, Dominican threat
Braids his hair, accompanies middle aged Park Avenue widows
Whitney before meat packing district when B was for Biennial
Butcher Finnegan’s Wake, spread her legs, recall Vivian Darkbloom
Oh Vivian in a Testament tee-shirt first row Vulgar Display of Power
Killing Brooklyn Sharky, took on three Saint Nicholas hoods no knife
Power outage, Soho went dark; I talked two interns into giving blow
China Town alley way where Somalis get high near Taco Bell joint
Locksmith surreptitiously unlocks door while we chain smoke Camels
Mitsubishi Outlander backseat doors open bipolar narco catcalls
He snickers gives the middle finger to Betty wanting her, grabs crotch
She spits, I wouldn’t fuck you if you were the last dick on earth
Upstairs Ricardo challenged me into fighting for a dollar, mouth off
He dated Shalom he says, I read a Canadian chick Margaret Atwood
Tying up Narcissister look-alike I would wear a mask gloves handy
Prettiest thing a man could ever do is wax poetic French kissing
Wordsworth, explaining Brit poetry she has a go at Alexander Pope
Sometimes I speak with an accent makes for particularly freaky time
Fake blues, would you cry if you heard Howling Wolf’s doppelganger?
Laughing Hyena plays harmonica prevents himself from stammering
Discourse after main course, soft shell crab with Village Voice writer
New York politics, gonzo journalism, mad men cut diamonds here
Jewish women play down a trick, businessmen suited for cunnilingus
Cold December apartments, missionary positions on unmade beds
There was a time when the air was vodka heavy tonic water wet
Rain poured over streets, living dangerously mob man’s dictatorship
Listening to jazz, Smalls, brunette aphrodisiac, famous blue raincoat
Let cocaine fiends laugh, our evening resembles an Eastwood flick
American cinema holds weight especially Altmans and Cassavetes
Night a Kenyan Canadian Dorothy Dandridge type accompanied me
Sidney Poitier in the veins, Shadows, Gena Rowlands, NYC angel
East Asian restaurant’s newness under blue light lamenting love
Afro political romance, black conscience tormented by white thought
These hipster rebels exchange philosophical verses semiotic bullets
This age queer culture, I carried her over to bed imperialistic violence
Dropped her forcefully taking of isolated land. Loins becoming Haiti
Tormented, sorority abuse, boys counted cancerous tumors on skin
Banged on call buttocks to bruise, lost innocence, who’s your daddy?
Love convicts crash cars picking up strangers, blameless femmes
World made apocalyptic, art sensations carried out as murder wish
Lebanese art whores give head, American curators play Coltrane
When Yizthak Rabin died Israeli artists painted canvases with blood
Where are the Mark Kostabis, probably getting Banksy autographs
Inside a hideous hotel I graffiti the walls, shoot myself, wait for fame

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