Friday, April 21, 2017

Dans L'Erotique, Le Corps est Electrique -

James Dean did not die. Marilyn Monroe is the weather. An ashen grey metallic Porsche becomes one with the night.

Dynamism of the body in heat is a result of systems aligned. In the erotic the body is electric. What moves...? It's an order by design an accumulation of thought, mass propensity, the urge, if masculine circulates with will to pounce, the feminine fluctuates within permanent ecstasy.

The youthful never die. They resist. This process has underpinnings of the original idea - the fight is between the inner at war with the outer, what is however translated or transcribed becomes art. The result is not art. It is more the interpretation.

Two bodies making love, conceptually understood, therefore meets the intent of beginning, middle, end. However, indeterminably relevance of two people in the act would suggest imperfection. The encounter meets hunger, desperation.

That it is an edit bordering love, trust, we reimagine it as an eternal placement. Of flesh much can be disputed as to what is beautiful, sexy and erotic. The body is beautiful. The skin ages much as the body and person in question gain experience with time.

In stereo. In HD the body naked completes itself. Notion of two people with perfect bodies making love promotes health fascination, more so perpetual eroticism. One would surmise the same for two people in love or that of two experienced lovers.

Why then would the mature lover seek the eternal in a much younger lover? How does this border lust? Is lust not the very idea?

Therein lies decay. What purports the nuance of death. The body meeting its end.

Is fornication therefore an exercise of dismissiveness. Is it a means to an end?

The hyperreal circumstance suggests the other body, the self as spirit, constant, consistent. If love is felt, entertained in the imaginative, there is potential regularity with which one could exist in the fantasy of love. If and when the body becomes enraptured in continuous circumstance of the erotic, the supposed person can, would and does circumvent what we know as love.

He or she falls in love, makes love much as all is valued in breath.

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