Friday, April 21, 2017

Amour Malade - Dispositions/Black/White/Death

In poster for Mike Figgis' The Loss of Sexual Innocence there's an image of a young black and white couple as Adam and Eve. The black male equivalent as Adam, white female respectively as Eve.

The interracial relevance qualifies what we are subjected to from this very Biblical reference as torture, beginning of the end, where from we fall.

Depiction of black male and white female given suppositions of sex immediately awakens anger and arousal. This distinct torment brought about by theme of racial divide in history, further in our ongoing status and current political climate, reveals evolution of black male libido, circumstance with which it has answered the call of "white fang", white ass, white lust.

The white female thereby readdresses the magnitude of her interest in the black male as physical specimen, sexual dynamo. Having reached conclusion over time through slavery, The Jazz Age, Civil Rights Movement, Blaxploitation, Neo-Expressionism, Hip-Hop, one would be curious to think in face of white nationalism and the white female's role in the recent election what determines temperament between the white female and black male within sexual politics.

These times are far from and yet not too far from Todd Solondz's film Storytelling where a black character tells his white female counterpart to yell "Ni**er, fuck me hard". Black/White sexual stereotyping will always include the forbidden fruit, that very thing society speaks against yet is alluring.

Post-post modernism and its dimensions of genderism, racism and magnitude of trolling, rape culture, sexual neologism and fascination with internet porn has brought new perspective to what the black male, especially the young thoroughbred fantasizes or seeks in copulation with the white female.

Suggestions for this can be ascertained in post gangsta and neo-soul culture. The new hip hop star is moneyed and at liberty to score in more ways than those of another generation. There's a hyper-awareness in what the young black male finds appealing in the white female.

It can be said there has been a pop-popularizing of the sex ethic post crack cocaine epidemic, AIDS, the "down low", mass incarceration, crime, the police, sensationalized killings, LGBTQ, BLM. Supposition of the black male's extinction accentuates how he is marginalized therefore encourages empathy from certain white women, a case relevant all though history.

In what can be imagined as the hyper-real black male descendant of Jazz, Native Tongue Movement, Spoken Word, Neo-Soul, James Baldwin and Jean-Michel Basquiat, he has been witness to subcultures of punk and art, surmised what he wants from the white American female and the European woman.

He is now at a point where he reinvents the black politik, Afro-futurist, Activist, Neo-Liberal, Black Nationalist. His means of survival is underdressing aesthetic of the white female. He imagines potential of black hyper-femininity, reinterprets aesthetics of beauty. Love, sex and romance take on prospects of business and politics.

His role as universal pimp, player acquires a renewed circumstance. Having come up from death, love as disease, he reexamines meaning of love, to have and have not, sin and be saved, play dog or refrain from point / counterpoint -

Become an example, a cure, solution.

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