Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ethnic / Postmodern
Kofi Fosu Forson

How does one debase the color of the skin? Are we not institutionalized to think that fair skin equates beauty and knowledge? How far have we come from black racism? Why then do we continue to feed from a European sense of emotional wealth?

The signifier of what is potentially skin color marks ethnicity. Henceforth the world is divided by the colors black and white. Within its commonality are the divisions between what is racially black: dark skin, half-cast… etcetera and what besets the color white as in freckles and other features which demonstrate a person’s heritage.

Skin color in the postmodern world doesn’t delineate a certain intellect. The mind is at odds with the self more than it is with polarity. Racism exists and given the differences we continue to remark at the color of the skin and other forms of disdain.

What defines the current evolution isn’t race. It’s gender. The underscore is how men and women choose to express themselves in a race justified by the illusion of power. Insofar as establishing control, the male has yet to redefine for himself what is postmodern. He has planted himself in politics and the liquidity of money. The female has incorporated what once was a defeatist proposition into an everyday probability, that of her sexuality.

Skin in a dramatized form of dementia will be hung upon the wall like drapery. In a skin-flick, the eyes are subject to total euphoria. On a black woman she is mother of the earth as is visible with Trinidadian women taking care of white children. A naked white woman is the envy of every living thing. A black man in all of his musculature is a target.

Incorporated within the masculine is the universal male in his attempt to gain control. The black male in his very own way attempts to speak the language of business and capital. His evolution is one to watch. The greatest concern is personal growth, whether through capital and or intellect. There are many reasons to believe the future looms large.

The black female commands her own destiny. She has removed herself from the constraints of the black male. Now it’s possible for her to decide what path her future takes. For her, the future is now.

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