Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Artist as Gigolo
Kofi Fosu Forson

Purple rose on a magenta tailored corduroy suit: - certainly the differentiation between what is masculine and otherwise homo-persuasive.

The artist as gigolo draws from the feminine. As an exacted false truth, it can only inspire the gigolo. Peculiarly, pink stems from the female what otherwise would be suited as ultra marine blue on the male. Naturally from the painter’s brush, color isn’t definitive of either the male or female. It is however suggested that flamboyance is feminine and neutrality is male.

High fashion proves that there is no particularly significant palette for each gender. Patterns for the male showcase colors that are at the disposal of the female. This ebullient display once again can either be interpreted as a form of sexual persuasion or temperance.

If an artist, love of color can be attributed to the gigolo in his childhood: - Natural then as sex to roleplay. Artist as gigolo is imaginative. With words, he can paint a picture, translated as the pick up line. The female is then transported through a series of ego massage.

To claim the role of artist as gigolo is to first be an artist. This sets a foundation for the wherewithal to seduce. Pertaining to women in the art world, whether with an art dealer, agent or buyer, the gigolo feels comfortable in trading sex for favors. It isn’t for pleasure. Professionally, the artist as gigolo is also known as pimp, thug and hustler.

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