Thursday, July 12, 2007

Liverpool, New York
(International Geophysical Year)

Kofi Fosu

Night Fly, a jazz/pop album by recording artist Donald Fagen features a song in which he envisions a world of leisure for artists everywhere, ninety minutes from New York to Paris.

Liverpool, New York is not a city. It’s a conscience, memorable as an intellectual state of mind. Far-reaching beyond the communicative ratio between two cities, Liverpool has been to New York, for me a society where art as language is encouraged. Interdisciplinary activities function as an everyday dialogue.

With transVoyeur, a cultural initiative co-founded by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney, there’s a continuous sense that life as a young artist begets a future forum centered on art, philosophy and hybridism. These are the markings of a postmodernist livelihood.

Intellect and love promotes universality that which concerns the psyche. Money and sex continues to devalue the mental proportions which could be elevated into inspiring matters concerning art and politics and maintaining the prospects of a city, its people and in doing so we affect the future.

Liverpool as a conscientious truth within the everyday New York rigmarole remains a constant not just as a city with its history but as an intellectual source fueled by artists such as the aforementioned Sweeney, Jo Derbyshire, George Lund and Tony Knox.

The combined sentiment among these artists is to at times encourage the promotion of Liverpool as a predestined city of culture for the year 2008. Alongside this traditional sense of honor is the innermost sensibility that breaks tradition, all the while featuring courageous attempts at reinterpreting commerciality.

Living in New York, I’m an outsider. My independent practice in which I deal individually with women is a gradual source of graduating from the principles that define the artist and muse.

As a son and brother, I’m African. Otherwise I continue to seek the probability of meeting artists from all over the world who merit the demand for articulating and corresponding on the subject of art and culture.

Liverpool, New York is not a city. It exists in the realm of a global conscience. Conclusively, it has helped define my existence.

Photo by Jo Derbyshire

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