Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fleur du Sexe
(For Pretty Z.)

Kofi Fosu Forson

Iron…backbone of experienced lover! Truth is in masculine pelvis as she receives or he proceeds to thrust. Body is by form an object, whether with will to admire or falsify any understanding of it as embraceable.

Body is physical shape of energy. Its origin is in union of love. Somehow message sent is promoting furtherability pertaining to universal love.

Relevance of lust and sexual desire is more about type. What brings two people together? Constant in romance is partnership and compatibility. Sex and desire is matching of allure. This has to do with innate quality of person. It can best be described as alarming.

This very feeling can be found among strangers. At times, it’s manifested by two people who are unsuspectingly aroused by each other. Perhaps it’s driven by intellect or strange and unusual desire made unaware by both people. In cyberspace for example, intellectual desire two people share may not translate to physical desire.

Do politics, class and race play part in how well a person performs as lover? It can be said that making love at times requires length in male musculature, endurance and stamina, ability to express love in the lovemaking and not just insert and pull.

Does it ever cross the mind as to say what experience of Hindu lover would be as compared with Islamic? Ethnicity is cause to wonder. That nation of people who know death, make love not just to partner but to land. Mere thought of two lovers amidst insufferable societal conditions brings to bear the true meaning of love.

What is angst and love, intellect and sex, sex and death? It’s made probable that these elements are all required of lover. For woman to bare open her anal and vaginal cavity is she inviting pleasure or an understanding of femininity?

Does fcuking breathe eternal whisperances that travel close to the speed of light? That in fact to fcuk merits a moment in time transcending life itself?

This is only relevant in the mind. An erection formed from a discussion of philosophy knows no direction. An orgasm reached by manual stimulation is useless. Lovemaking as an act is etched in time and place, marking accordance with relative history.

Otherwise listen to Serge Gainsbourg. Or get a tattoo of Ute Lemper.

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