Friday, December 21, 2007

Little Drummer Boy
La Dee Da Drum Drum

Kofi Fosu Forson

The rhythm that is love pours out of hearts of every one at this time of reckoning and repentance.

I for one have made a concerted effort to love not to break hearts of one with whiskey and cigarettes. If love is a disease as in spread-eagle, I have found a cure in philosophy of art and sex. Sex en sex not to plug to fit but that longing to bring to conclusion who we are; The “I” and “She”, persons born out of adoration.

What I send through to hearts of everyone I come in contact whether physical, spiritual or virtual is a love song. A love song meant to be in tune with hearts of all. There’s a place and time for body to dance electric, fold at kink, gyrate beyond perversion.

At this time of love, let us all listen to rhythms of Little Drummer Boy as he beats on snare “La Dee Da Drum Drum… La Dee Da Drum Drum… La Dee Da Drum Drum.”

Let us celebrate kinship with which we acknowledge our very own but indeed find it in our hearts to embrace the alien/stranger. If you close your eyes, you’ll realize love is not far-reaching. Bring to fore that very essence with open eyes in each and every person.

If vodka is love, so is look in the eye. Look to touch not to dominate. Make love. Refuse to conquer. Celebrate. Keep in mind we are at war with ourselves. Such is the cause for demons we keep.

If not Stolichnaya, then Little Drummer Boy!

La Dee Da Drum Drum…La Dee Da Drum Drum…La Dee Da Drum Drum

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