Monday, December 31, 2007

Future Boys
Language a Go-go

Kofi Fosu Forson

Since dancing has been banned in New York City bars, I’ve perfected my pick-up line.

The cause and effect of wanting to communicate is acceptance. Society’s technological warfare has undertaken a new means for wanting to say something and garner a response.

What is the philosophy of thugs? Isn’t there a caption here which has allowed young men in urban areas to think and act a certain way? Has hip-hop become the new qualifier in how future boys interact? Meanwhile advertising is ready to counteract on what is saleable, from hip-speak to black slang.

Philosophy as it stands in the virtual world isn’t literary. By all means speak…in every chat room in every e-mail account. There’s a combination in “what is philosophy” and what is merely intended as a call to action. This can be found in blogging. Chatting is café-speak. It bears no value. Such is the level of communication.

Virtually, the interaction between two physical points concerns itself with thought. It’s never obvious what merits intelligence. Language is much the go-go dance. What is our greatest concern and why can’t we spend time in dialogue? It often becomes generational. That and gender politics.

The very thing that makes this a dance is not the usual slow kind found at a country bar during closing time. As a dance, language has the capability to be a crowd at Giants stadium during a Green Day concert.

With every performance, there are songs which require the audience to waive their hands in accordance. Then there’s time spent mashing. This isn’t choreographed, rather a celebration.
Language has afforded us every reason to celebrate, from Russian writers to French surrealists and American cynicism.

Seduction as it was labeled by the likes of Barthes and Beaudrillard, language and semiotics need not be given a brand. Openly we can affect the stratosphere with the vibrancy of culture as it spins.

Music once gave us that potential.

Whatever happened to the Cocteau Twins?

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