Monday, January 07, 2008

Barthes by Bar Light
Image/ Music/ Text

Kofi Fosu Forson

Model qualified by genre ascribes a notion that is familiar within its means and circumstance.

Painting made famous by Rene Magritte of gentlemen in bowler hat would suggest an example of dignity and popularism which can be rectified in Bill Clinton as first rock and roll president of America.

Vaclav Havel of the Czech Republic may have laid claim to that title internationally but role of an American president suggests more authority and grace, much like photograph of Winston Churchill on motorcycle.

Model in his or her stature accentuates manner definitive as language pertinent to role.

In literature, Sam Sheperd posed with unlit cigarette from his lips. Hollywood captured Vince Vaughn slouched with slabs of meat in background. In politics, Ronald Reagan was dressed as a cowboy. Rock and roll presented an image of Juliette Lewis fronting her band. Sex revealed Cicciolina running for office. Celebrity gave us David Bowie and Iman. Fashion defined punk as Vivian Westwood.

Music is sound heard or overheard, from train running over train tracks to Muddy Waters playing blues. Beatles reinvented art form. Led Zeppelin revolutionized aura and sound. Replacements discovered rock and roll can be simple and still be of foundation and greatness. Guns ‘n Roses were real thing. Nirvana changed the world.

Motions made in music are theatrical, literary, cinematic… It is staged as a means of entertainment. On disc, it encapsulates a moment. Commercially, it’s used in advertisements and serves as background noise, however musical. Overall, the world revolves around sound of music through dance and means of communicating.

Text is formed in copy definable by dialogue. Novel reveals link between author and reader. Painting or photograph can be read as text. Meaning evaluation of written or completed work using signifiers to create thought or evoke feeling can be read as text.

Reading Roland Barthes has completed my understanding and manipulating of ideas exercised in creative process. In doing so, I have come to rationalize appropriation of original thought, literary output and editing.

Originality is not a gift. It is a manifestation.

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