Friday, January 04, 2008

Prospectus Ubiquitous

Kofi Fosu Forson

Life is emergence of baby out of uterus. This alone signifies its meaning.

Other than that we are brought into a world of disposability. Nothing matters and if it does all is bound by greatest illusion of love.

Only prospectus for existing is one conditions him/herself to fend of mystery that in truth magic never resonates. Experience of life is nothing more than an illusion.

To experience magic in its superficiality therefore is to die and watch your self spin around life’s circle.

What then is magnified in concourse with our existence is essence of person. This is marked by probabilities which certify uniqueness of individual.

In commercial city, if one is evenly balanced as both innocent and experienced, he/she can transform their realities through those they meet. If one, male, is sitting across from a woman of extreme beauty and sensuality, he prejudges woman’s essence, leaving him to fantasize.

Strong perception will cause a thinking man to imagine or perhaps exist in an isolated sense of creativity. An example is transmuting extreme negative light approaching from the conscience of another by spontaneously hearing loud rock and roll.

Sexual energy doesn’t always warrant promiscuity. Guidance of one’s train of thought relieves banality of female sex organ into infinity. Defense therefore is in evaluating person as individual.

If death is German woman walking dog or sixty year old redhead smoking cigarette, life is Patti Smith hugging me on Houston and Sixth.

Life after death would be telling everybody about it.

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