Monday, January 21, 2008

Iconic Male
Kofi Fosu Forson

After Civil Rights movement of 50’s and 60’s, much of what was considered safeguarding of humanity gave way to channeling of spirituality through sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Given extremism surrounding politics, music inspired mission founded in social conscientiousness, opening doors for common man, celebrated as macho, international, political, all manifested through music, cinema, literature and art.

Briefly, among men who helped further this cause were Fela, Lou Reed, Helmut Newton and Isaac Hayes. Individually, they created works of art which spearheaded particular turn in evolution of iconic male.

What was reflective among these men neared originality, set of circumstance which is made applicable within philosophy and sexuality.

Postmodernist male is definitive by his own irony. He is subservient to female in matters of sex. If not, it’s cause for pornography.

Space between which male/female discretions are allowed form of dialogue, usually involve party politics and celebrity.

Exchanging Mp3 files has replaced what once was new music. Otherwise rock and roll will never die. It’s been given a relative form, hip hop to Christian rock.

Currently, iconic male is divided in his thoughts as much as races are divided. There isn’t a common thread that aligns him. Racially, these barriers are understood. As far as gender warfare much accord is projected towards articulation of what is female.

This newness is credited as female sex organ no longer literal. In cyber world, it provokes means of intellect, philosophy which binds conscience of man.

To fcuk is to be animal. To embrace “pussypower” is to be new world man.

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