Monday, March 10, 2008

Dismemberment of Night

Kofi Fosu Forson

I adore dismemberment of night
Cancer free done in by euphoria

Seldom do we grope in cession
While painting pictures of November

Aristotle ignite this passageway
Place in each square a high-heel shoe

Comb her tresses with silent knife
Keep hidden locket for broken heart

Separate rooms for separate brooms
Tall tales of electrifying men leaving

Pelosini’s garden, champagne water
Your eyes softly inspiring Buscemi

Painterly, after-hours, counting them:
Black boys turning over leaves

Blame each one our times together
How do they ever channel Somalia!

To dream fisherman in high-waters
I fondle Catherines of Montauk

Misery and faith has found me here
Dismantling subservience with pastel

Paper skin forming from dress to dress
Floating, white turmoil masquerade

Shalom, I digress, eternal muse
Your disguise hangs above melancholia

Diebenkorn woman, her many faces
With reason she poses, coquette to chique

We will not make love, she says
Break a leg before and after midnight

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