Friday, March 28, 2014

A Baby Airplane, Two Kids in front,
With a Yellow Background

I can judge by the size of your hand you not made for a pistol
But your fingers would fit perfectly in my pocket to pick a dollar
What don’t your baby mama need, she done raise you a baby boy
So you thinking about getting a job, first you gotta get off the streets
That’s where you make your money you say, that’s where you hang
But last Saturday night somebody held you up, took more than just a dime
Talk to Big Poppy, he’s got a sidewalk business, he could fit you for a buck
Might even make you his assistant, he could make you a name for yourself
So what’s keeping you, why you smoking like that, your eyes so red
He likes it when you come over; he smokes you out, you and your boys
Me, I’m the hurting kind, got enough trouble in my suitcase to make a mess
Had nothing to prove that night y’all came over, I was minding my business
Poppy drove me from where I was sitting, had the nerve to pull me in
I could have done without it, but there I was waiting my turn, and it came
I took more than just a drag, I puffed like my life depended on it, it didn’t
Something told me, get outta there, I did, not before I lit that cherry red
He walked in on me, all dazed and confused, asked me if I wanted you out
Of course he told y’all to leave, but that’s when the shit hit the fan, by god
My body would get hot; then it got cold, just like that, hot then cold
Poppy was sick man, you know me when I say this, he coulda been a doctor
So he got me by the sink, I started throwing up, by god I saw pills, yeah pills
He sat me down and started talking, Poppy could talk, never gave a damn
But he was talking me through it, how to breathe and how to focus, by god
I wanted to take a shower but he said no, no, that wouldn’t be a good idea
I swear I saw a baby airplane, two kids in front with a yellow background
I kept focusing on it, plain and simple; I had my eyes on it just like that
Don’t know how I got out of it, but I slept, that night I slept like a baby
Poppy got on without you, but your boys came over, he smoked them out
Just like that, but I learned my lesson, I kept to myself, reading, watching t.v.
I’d hear them talking, laughing out loud, Poppy would give them money
He had his way with me, he rained on me like nails, but he had to move on
Didn’t take long before somebody else moved in, we got robbed, by god
The night before I was up in there alone, to think you could’ve taken my life
Poppy gave you a dollar for your dreams; you had your hand in my pocket

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