Sunday, March 02, 2014

Shooting Selfies in a Park on Bushwick Night

Shooting selfies in a park on Bushwick night, this is our abracadabra
Camera in hand, we are gorillas, coo coo ka choo, waddling under bullet sky

King Kong with gas face, Lulu happy go lucky in mini skirt, alarm me
From open windows music fills the air, strike the band, Sun Ra intergalactic

Bedside cage on green grass, rock and roll woman scowl, rig this machine
Wild woman from Wongo, cannibals pulling flesh with teeth, surrender

Googling word “ubiquitous,” prospectus anthropomorphous, gang green
Feast or famine, who are vegetarians among us, they eat autumn’s leaves

We gather at pa-pop-pizzeria, ooga-goo-ga-goo, walls cream colored
People mouths open kill pepperoni pies, blood thirsty, drink from fountains

Animal gossip, beating wives with leg bone, radio song called Layla
She comes from under knife, new skin, bone-thin, face like Russian girl

Out by race track, profile selfie, his fingers imitate shot gun pointing
His target, dildo dyke from Bedford , she mimics inflatable sex doll

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