Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bros in Euro Central
African American Culture/European Philosophy

Among the black male in the diaspora, African American men govern more so than their counterparts. It's an essence rendered overall in an American economy and popular culture. Much of this confidence stems from a manifestation from poverty and the inner city other than countries around the world.

There is an uncanny affectation unlike those found in black men born and living in Africa or even Jamaica. The link to history is unlike any other, from the slave narrative to literary scholars, the African American male has had the fortune of developing into a variety of ways through which seemingly people outside of America base their growth psychologically.

The persona/personae of the black American male is a combination of a street wise personality, rooted in a conditioning of the male as enslaved and victimized. With relevance to slavery and the civil rights movement, the black male is definable in a variety of ways. The two extremes are the militant views of Malcolm X and the spiritual leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Through out the civil rights movement, many men assumed different roles which became the defining of black culture as a whole. The 50's and 60's hence would be called a time of a grass roots movement. As much as the black male was defined politically, music became a great calling for black spirituality. The black male spirit alongside the persona/personae is a combination of role of father and son, leadership in the family and community. Much of this can be found in the church and grass roots politics as in getting people to vote.

The singularly most important means of affecting the system that is the undermining of black intellectual and economic development is through the political system. Somehow black youth continues to be overwhelmed by music and sports so much that the uprising of President Obama has little effect in how the language in the streets is manipulated to encourage growth intellectually.

As much as the young white male is a prized entity in America, young black boys are given much the same equation in the black community. A lot is said about education and the socio politicizing of his role professionally. The query naturally turns to education and jobs. How does the black male add to the growth of the American economy.

Seemingly hip hop culture serves as a centerpiece for black philosophy and how black culture is viewed around the world. Black export has always been a means of creativity. Popular culture in America has always been influenced by the nature of black musicians and creative types. Jazz singularly was an evolution as well as the blues. Soul music in the 70's revolved around the essence of who and what was black nativity.

A new generation was born once rap culture merged into hip hop. Language spoken on the streets took a turn. Graffiti, break dancing and the lifestyle in places like the Bronx helped create a new black male. This was a point in time when the young black male was attracting a European philosophy, separate from what was the blues and jazz in the fifties. Whereas a Thelonious Monk attracted a certain white quality from his audience and particular African American jazz musicians left for Paris, ethnic graffiti artists and street artists and musicians linked on with white females in creative projects and romantic relationships. The greatest example was Jean Michel Basquiat.

The dichotomy in how the black male attracts the white female is the naturally gifted black artist with a Euro/American education and the streetwise black male centrally from hip hop culture. Fair to say love knows no particular race or color but the extremes in the black male has been depicted over the years. At each and every pivotal point in black American history, the black male was defined by his status.

Currently and culturally, black society is over wrought by unemployment, crime, southern hip hop, hip hop megalomaniacs and internet porn.
The relationships between black men and white women therefore take on a social and economic value. Life in the ghetto will determine who the black man dates. He is more or less going to find partnership in a white woman from the ghetto. With that said white women tend to fetishize black men from the ghetto. Other than that internet porn has set a standard in how young black men view the white female and vice versa.

The white American female will always be attracted to the affectation of the black American male. This patented style and behavior is translated into black music and culture and as an export it is relived around the world.

The European woman is knowingly aware of the cultural status of the black male overall. The relationship between the white woman and the black man becomes a means of sexual empowerment, philosophical communication and the boundaries of forbidden love.

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