Monday, January 01, 2007

Fleurs du Futur
Kofi Fosu Forson

Women are flowers of the future.

Why a flower? Georgia O'Keefe is best remembered for her flowers. We all know why. The eroticized female is the one who expresses femininity. The vulva is metaphorically viewed as a flower. In her nudity, a woman is pleasing to the eyes of the man. But she is also defiant of the man’s advances as in Steiglitz’s nude photographs of O’Keefe.

Language of sex is feminine. Either partner has to yield. In a manner of seduction, masculine persona could be viewed as rape if described in how the male approaches the woman. If the woman were to do the same, it would be interpreted as a means of overpowering the male.

The male libido is commonly used to impregnate women. Without sex, men would be left to war, fight, fist, kill or impose suicide. Much is the game of politics where men in office make decisions that rule the world.

How can we not embrace the O'Keefian flower. The power of birth. The beauty of sex. The beauty of the female.

What is evident in women as flowers of the future is how they present their libido. Purely, it is meant for the preservation of family and home, with respect to what it takes to keep it grounded. This is evident in the roles women acquire in society, from the house maid to the politician. The woman is liberated. Free enough to suggest her sexual partner(s) or to ponder a future role as president. Granted as men and women we are plagued by lust. Once lust is under control, we are driven towards a curbed illicit behavior. Libido and lust are two different things but as human creatures we tend to fuse them in gender relations both in political and sexual circumstances.

Dating as a social activity permeates the lives of both sexes. Men and women are left to discover the “how to” and “how not to” co-exist alongside the opposite sex. This very manifestation is part of the etiquette which applies to the dating game. Dating is a sport and not a clear cut form of evaluation or understanding of another person’s existence.

Lovemaking for the purpose of communicating ones emotions and feelings is essential. Women are in accordance to teach this very lesson. Otherwise, men will continue to pursue women as members of the opposite sex who they solely penetrate for an orgasm.

Women are flowers of the future. Sex is an intellectual language. It is up to women to set a new trend.

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