Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gender and Morality's Pig
Kofi Fosu Forson

A Cindy Sherman photograph was the most beautiful thing. Paris Hilton is a threat.

How do you stand? Like the models in Men's Health magazine? Can you walk backward to the days of long-haired male models? And I don't mean Fabio.

Who remembers Rosie Vela? Zazu, anyone? Time has had its share of the bombshell, the bad mama jamma, the Bond girls, the sexy geek or any number of women who fulfilled a man's fantasy.

Sex is a language and more than just a physical act. It has been determined in advertising, Hollywood, the music industry, communication between two people online and those who choose to meet in public. As a language what do we communicate? The obvious are means of titillation, a particular dress, skin or what to some “is beauty.” But we never give thought to the "word." There's very little verbal language in pornography. How then does one promote sex as a language?

Consider "talking dirty," is it the use of profanity or is it the intent and how it's intended? Sex as a combination of reality and fantasy makes for an existence. This goes beyond fornicating. It's more so about sexual libido, performance, where, when and how or if at all. Penetration and the orgasm are mostly the language spoken in this circumstance. Those who are fortunate enough manifest not only as lovers but as artists, using the foundation of sex to communicate with an even greater community.

We're certainly not pigs at birth. Those who are of the common and frank opinion find themselves playing host to a lot of headaches and heartbreaks.

There comes a time when one has no choice but to listen to singularly the most beautiful song ever recorded.

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