Friday, January 12, 2007

Pimp versus Preacher
(The ever elusive Role of The Word Provider)
Kofi Fosu Forson

The word "concoct" turns me on. It's always been a rule to think before we speak. Sometimes it's plainly natural to react with a grunt, a wink, a howl, a whistle. Such is the game among the sexes. The French have a male and female equivalent for each word. Is the word "suck" masculine or feminine?

How does a painter get a buyer to purchase a piece of art? It's different with each artist. The one rule is that the artist must be familiar with all the differing levels of communicating, fashion, intellectual discipline (lack there of) level of attitude (pretension versus poise) plus the all too important role of seduction. The artist must seduce or allow him/herself to be seduced.

There's a reason for the availability of wine at most gallery openings. The vision of the artist creates the assemblage of people. The eye commits itself to the works on view. The eye must also commit itself to the variety of people gathered. What speaks? What responds? What seduces? As in every group, there's a balance, an association depending on body language, social types or the bare necessity of mutual respect and acknowledgement.

Who is the seducer? How does he/she seduce? Can he/she be seduced? A man or woman of accomplishment is greedy. He or she wants more. He or she must feed or else be fed upon. To be fed upon in this construct is accepted. It is not defeatist. Sexuality is breath. Seduction requires air. Therefore to seduce is natural. It's a game for some. The pornographic power to titillate, conquer, abuse, kill.

What is the language of sex? Does it exist? Is it a pretext for fornicating? Can the language of sex exist outside the realm of flirtation? How does one read between the lines in a pornographic setting? Could it be accepted as a part of social discourse? If so, is it effective? …And then, how? The seducer knows only him/herself and the disciplines that has shaped him/her.

The strength among nations is governed by its leader. Do we govern to lead or rather to rule and conquer? It's much the fodder depending on what continent you survey. Seduction could be interpreted as the reason for every sexual conquest.

What precedes sex? Foreplay or is it Pre-foreplay? We are a consuming society. Sex is a main ingredient in that consumption. Sex is hunger. But does the orgasm qualify the completion and satisfaction of that hunger?

If so, is it based on the sexual drive? Must it be met purely and insatiably as an erection and lubrication? Does the power to penetrate with an erect penis govern her clitoris? Does her role to receive that erect penis in her mouth, in her vagina make her conquerable? Or is it purely human behavior? Isn't there a language? If not, should there be a language? Does the need to commit our sexual drive to a sex act require a revision? One must wonder…how else can one satisfy that sexual drive in circumstances other than sex?

It is of my belief that the origin of the pimp goes back in time to the cave dwellers. We have to exact the reality of sex for money and how it is all organized. Publishers of adult magazines like Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler are relevant forms of pimps. The word "Pimp" is negative. But the language is still the same. Seduce to fulfill. Seduce to get a thrill.

Fame is dastardly the cause. "The world is coming to an end, love, live to fornicate, get rich or famous before you die." Seduction then has the power of a digital camera, a promise, race, reputation; nationality...Where is the ever elusive word provider?

Politicians inspire. Their cause is articulated with words. Preachers inspire. There is a meaning, dedication and hopeful truth in what they say. There is very little meaning to the spoken word at this point and time. Not much is being said. We are too busy listening. When we aren't, we are too busy talking. We are victimized by silence. It crumbles us. It reminds us of terrorism. It reminds us of the economy. It reminds us of ourselves.

Think of the word "abracadabra." Doesn't it make you smile?
It does me.

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