Thursday, January 04, 2007

Les Femmes sont les fruits d’amour
Kofi Fosu Forson

Eve was the first. If we should ever forget, she was tempted. What is love without contempt?

There is no regard for passivity in the game of love. As crucial as it is to receive, one must dictate a card of trial and error. It is often words which bring most lovers to a melting point.

Love is universal. But immediately, it is chemical. This borders a lineage to what surpasses the interim period between one lover and the next. The histories of each individual is part of a world lived before. A world in which ones past is more dominant than the present and perhaps the unknown future. And yet, it’s in the existence, the present day existence. We are all lives once lived. Furthermore, we bear uncanny resemblances to people walking the very earth. Why then manifest? If in a populated pool we are all destined…why should we manage an undertaking of the very self?

Respect is earned. It is not a demand. The very essences that reflect upon one’s soul can be felt even when among strangers. An individual who has conscientiously manifested and is in keeping with the balance of love, nurture and faith, carries with him/her an authority that is never spoken. It is felt. This action is a manifestation of self love. It is also the aforementioned lineage which surpasses psychological, physiological and psycho-sexual resemblances.

The echo of a man… It is about immediate satisfaction. This can be found in the psycho-sexual self.

“Les femmes sont les fruits d’amour.”

What is truly behind the love a man has for a woman? If men are beasts, so are women…creatures, as a matter of fact. The gamesmanship among the sexes is homogenous. Social traits allow for the man to be a gentleman or a brute. The woman can choose to be passive or aggressive. All these traits are generalizations made official through unwritten rules governed by society’s Vanity Fair.

“Les femmes sont les fruits d’amour.”

What is this curse “love?” How is it unbroken? Many facets make up the creature that is human. Love is dominant. It presents itself as familial and sexual. The upsurge is the relevance to one’s existence which can be found in pornography, art or religion. Pornography hardens the conscience, bringing love and sexuality to a common denominator. Art empowers the existence to a more sensitive yet aggressive level. It is a dichotomy which the artist struggles with for the better part. Religion enables some to seek love in a holier being.

“Les femmes sont les fruits d’amour.”

Women are the fruits of love. Compelled as most women are to find fulfillment in love, they place themselves comfortably or not in the conscience of most men. It is not a blessing. More so, it is a mission. Most men are driven by the innermost need to fornicate.

The woman is a nurturing being. Men lose themselves within this comfort zone. If the “vulva” is the target, then the Dolce Gabana is a precursor. The “feminine” is then an assumption amongst men as they try to find different ways to complete the action. This in psychology is the “mirroring” of the female.

“Les femmes sont les fruits d’amour.”

Love is a fruit. Eve was tempted. The female is love. In the game of love, there is no masculine or feminine. It’s conscientious, both personal and emotional. We give of ourselves in hope of an understanding. The outcome is relived in the life thereafter.

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