Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Alien Identity
Punk Conduct

Kofi Fosu Forson

“What is the punk conduct?”

In every individual is the bearer of sorrow. Musically, it’s qualified as blues. Metaphorically, this represents our alien identity.

The common ground shared between two strangers isn’t race or gender. The alien in each individual allows for significance as a universe of people.

The punk conduct is featured amongst those who are disciplined and by conduct step into an ordinary world hoping to affect, redeem, question and help mould a distinct order through language.

In doing so, they acquire a following. The evolving of the alien identity into punk isn’t that of the musical format. Punk is indeed music and showcased as a movement. In modern society punk is that of the uniform, from tattoos to hair and makeup.

Whereas Sid Vicious is eternally punk, he was so because of his legendary status within the movement. His could be interpreted through his music, mostly speculated in his defiant status, paving the way for the conglomeration of music and fashion.

Arthur Rimbaud is an example of punk outside of the musical perception. This therefore expresses use of language to mark the voice of a generation.

Exene Cervenka, primarily known as female vocalist for the punk band X, lives graciously the life of the punk conduct as a performer, writer and painter.

Lydia Lunch is also part of a generation of musicians who veered into writing and film.

If there ever was a person who defined the alien identity merging with the punk conduct it is David Bowie.

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