Friday, November 30, 2007

Mother Ghana:
(My Scent is in Sekondi)

Kofi Fosu Forson

Nkrumah, we’re calling on you
Surrender the earth to mother Ghana
Fifty years since our independence
That day at midnight, your words spoke…

“Our independence is meaningless if not linked
…With the total liberation of Africa.”

Western Sons have fetched Apollo 1:
Space to afford many more moons
Together in creating peace

Streets catapulted to kpanlogo
People danced on La beach
To the spirit of High-Life

Year I was born, you had been overthrown
Ghana made it to Mexico

Could it have been the living among us
Answering our prayers?

My mother was Owunta, gave birth to twins
I lived in Osu. My scent was in Sekondi
Carried with me flavor of house wives
Smell of fried plantains wafting in the air

Far from the city of Accra, its fishermen
Contemplated the pull, mastered the wait
Dreams of villages came to us like water
Touching the shore

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