Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Even The Gods Have Wives
(For Zulal)

Kofi Fosu Forson

Amy Tan gave us The Kitchen God. I was humbly noted as Goddrums. Is one of the founding fathers of Cream truly God? Would you agree that David Bowie is Godroginy?

What then became of “Angie?” …A true wife of the gods! In marital bliss or not, as in the rock and roll clearing, a wife is as a wife as a woman beside is a partner. Among them are Marianne Faithful, Nancy Spungeon, Courtney Love, Jeri Hall (that of Brian Ferry fame not what followed Bianca).

Tom Yorke sang with P.J. Harvey. They never married. Nick Cave sang with Kylie Minogue. They never married. What’s a true wife of a god? Is she some one who puts up with the after-hours? In a world designed for sex and drugs, there’s very little room for morning tea.

Albert Einstein is a God. He was married twice. Marilyn Monroe would have made a perfect wife, an intellectual and a pin-up model. Authors like Jay McClnerny had their share of models to go along with their martinis.

The idea of a model accompanying a man of stature is cliché. Finding it appropriate in a relationship with an intellectual is quite the dream. Bookish gentlemen are known to date bookish women. The Henry Miller/Anais Nin connection is a matter of golden prospectus. Much of the same can be said for Sam Sheperd and Patty Smith.

Somehow, within the course of sex and drugs an abysmal connection is made which translates as a seemingly hot trend of literary text. It plays itself out as seduction, rendering literature and its giants as important and hip as those who make music.

Sam Sheperd’s plays showcase an element of musicality. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ Murder Ballads is a theatrical masterpiece. There’s symmetry between musicians and writers of a particular inclination.

How then do they choose the significance of women in their lives? B. B. King had Lucille. This then to every artist is his wife. His actual wife then is his mistress. Steve Earle has attempted marriage multiple times. He still makes records.

Motley Crue as with most rock bands are known for their groupies. Who then are the wives of these gods?

A published novel is greater than a night spent with the First Lady.

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