Monday, February 24, 2014

Black No. 5

Night’s light, darkness loom, through these windows, a faulted bulb
God’s great sky empty at last, no victories won, tonight we die slowly
Vacate this space but where do we go, the streets are violence purple
Rottweiler barely visible froths at the mouth, at the corners it creeps
Walk don’t run, if fear overcomes, chime the bells in your heart then
We are wanting, desire calls, where do we go, taking turns at gossip
Who do you know, I sat with David Bowie, I kissed Shalom Harlow
To this I give a dollar for your pain, let’s fight, let blood come soon
Test these fingers into a knuckle; pick up a nickel for all that we are
This evening will never pass; let us share in brokenness misfortunes
Seated at the cusp of death, in breathing words are invisible, no sound
Pure shock, with eyes that quiver, mouths that tremble, reminiscing
An artist’s past, Chagall in Russia, bring us romance, bring us fame
Let these walls warp, time out of mind, now quiet, awaiting trouble
What soldier would walk in here, without a gun, what would he want
What lives would he take, what thieves carry out a crime for a dime
Fear brings us close, on these grounds we quake, staircase by staircase
Slow motion, fingers rub over plastered walls, sweat at the tip, bruise
Make your way into this outside world welcoming no strangers, run
Fear for your life, be prepared, suffocate from grey, there is no room
What charms these men who run backwards, not fearing lamp posts
Cruise of cars crash, buildings stand emptied, rush for stolen goods
Family’s wake, gathered hands in groups, centuries’ ghosts crawling
Pathways take, groan of love, stranger’s embrace, if lust should last
Lives brought into this world, a future perhaps, but there is no future
Not when fire burns, electric poles ignite flames, hope is a step away
City lit by candles, gather as they march, requiem, what god overlooks
A horror as this, what life emerges from a nightmare as this, embark
Roam as the river of people roam, let your mind’s eye see, everything
For there is nothing, other worlds miles away are green, busy roads
Rhythm of life, curtain’s call, repetition after repetition, life goes on
Here the water’s well run dry, gutters stench, people fall to fall again
Ascend this time, by torch light make your way, up a stairwell you go
Kingdom awaits, place of hope and home, without the enemy’s touch
Ignite an inner light, a steam that keeps you warm, away from benches
Parked outside, where other’s lament, in sleep they keep, death to come

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