Sunday, February 09, 2014

Hollywood ain’t where it’s at

Raphael, Raphael, come down from your one bedroom apartment
Streets are talking, men are marching, much a do about nothing
Round the corner there’s a song being sung, looking for a gun
Out of work, panhandlers counting quarters, come into the cold

We are the survivors, hell bent, fisted, felt the grip of handcuffs
Cops crushing our heads against police cars, held up the local bars
Walking with our heads hung high, in groups, looking for trouble
We be animal to the core, we got high on haze, now we want more

Saturday night white flash, Johnny’s gonna spill some splash
Stiff the man his cash, chilling with the fellas, watching porno
Gonna get chewed out by the girls for too much touchy feely
We about it, gonna take our troubles clubbing, get down on it

Where they at, the winners, the takers, those who come a calling
We the champions of the show biz, got feelers in the marquee

Hollywood ain’t where it’s at, we ghetto super stars, we sick
Hollywood ain’t where it’s at, we ghetto super stars, we quick

Got high first thing in the morning, cut me up a line of coke
Went out about hustling, found myself sitting with the junkies
Spent the night at Bellevue homeless, we headed out round noon
Had my hand round Chico, washed up, beat up, dried up, burnt out

Talked smack into him, “I’m your God. I put you on this earth to suffer,”
“I’ll wash you from dirt. Put pieces on your skin. Get you a bus fare home”

Walk with me Raphael, see that dude with the man, they not lovers
They just got outta jail, back out, back in again, that’s how they do
Gotta make to spend, gotta make it to the top again, gotta make amends
See this here slit, I bit more than I could chew, got schooled pretty hard

Put in my place, like a dog without a face, barking out loud at nothing
No trace, just a sick mother fucker, bearing down on me, letting me have it
Had to get out outta there, nowhere to run, saw my reflection in a mirror
It was you Raphael that I saw, wanting to get out, needing a place to stay

Now we’re stuck in your one bedroom apartment, working up a monk
Who do you think you are, waiting for some one to come drag you out
Come taste the butter, the night wanting to make you, flesh to flesh
Through the dark light, you see yourself falling for some one new

Come, let me take you out, where the wild girls never quit talking
We go walking through the jungle of love, boys be baddass, girls too
Walk back into that jungle you came from, they waiting for you out there
Where the city meets the streets, you are one with me, we sick, we quick

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