Friday, February 14, 2014

Crack Whore Blues

A woman loved me, she didn’t love me like that, she was a crack whore
But I lived with a man who loved her, she be skeezin’, when he went out
She come around, wanting to bake bread, in a cup so small, she made bread

Ain’t never found a brown skinned woman who loved me, I’m outrageous
Black folk think I’m contagious, gots the mind of a fool, some rock and roll
Some rock and roll got in my soul, made me think I’m a white man, sucker

I keep a collection of The Rolling Stones, and Bob Marley and the Wailers
White boys think I’m Bob Marley, they think I wanna get high, dunno why
I write like genius, got that Albert Einstein in me, got literature in my blood

So why she coming onto me, black ladies never give me the time of day
They think I’m crazy, like their cousin, Tarell, who high on some dope
Ain’t never had a job, probably got AIDS or something, messing around

But I ain’t sick like that, just don’t got my screws screwed on tight, shit
I can talk, I can have a conversation with a white man and turn around
Talk to a thug bout bullshit, some say I’m fucked up, but they like my shit

I’m an artist, I paint women, white women, they come in from all places
From Queens to Brooklyn, they come knock on my door, paint them naked
I don’t fuck ‘em, I can’t, it’s a job, gots my oil paint, canvas and everything

I set ‘em up in a studio, they sit and pose, I put up some light, they look fine
Their bodies naked, sometimes I put a cloth in back, something with colors
Stand back with my easel and start, I look over their body, never their eyes

It’s like love but it ain’t love, we be fucking and kissing in our minds
But we be working, when we done I give ‘em some loot, they go on out
I pop pills, been popping pills for thirty years, not that kind, it’s for my mind

See, when I was a boy, I tried to kill myself, mama brought me to a doc
Mother fucker said I was crazy, there was something wrong with my head
He had me taking pills, had seizures, been put up in a nut tank, almost died

So many times, been out with a woman with one good leg, others who said
“Sure do love the way you walk, I love the way you strut brother man,”
But they were whores, whores on the street, I’m whacked out like that

I can go for years without fucking, lesbians like me, I can talk to young girls
They ain’t scared of me, young white girls talking to a grown black man
Where in the world, so this crack whore would sit with me, her face fucked

Looked like a mask, when she spoke it was like she had food in her moth
Dark skin girl, stone wicked, giving up the skunk late at night, I heard them
In the morning they be fighting, I raised hell, got in the middle and cussed

What a bitch like that want from me, what I’d do to her, would I kiss her
Would I touch a crack whore, make love while her man was out begging
We would sit and talk, I told her bout my problems, what was on my mind

She sat there and listened, gave me her fucked up breath, she never let me on
But would she do me if I came on to her, sat in my bed late at night thinking
Wondering, dreaming, what it’d be like if this girl and I ever made romance,

It made me sick in the mouth, ain’t never had a problem with women, never
But I wondered what a crack whore would find in me, what would she want
Didn’t take me long to realize, in my heart, I would have given her the world

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