Saturday, February 08, 2014

Black Emmanuelle

Black Emmanuelle come a wake my soul, Black Emmanuelle
Coming up the stairs on 125th and Lex, cold spin that mojo hex
Put a spell on the corner boys, kill ‘em dead in their tracks
Wax, woo you voodoo vinyl, making music with the wall
Bass, Rat a tat tat, lung fish in the Wu Tang Chicken shack
Shake them bottoms till your man Bocephus comes a calling
He done did polished the walker man’s shoe with grease
Bow tie Eddie will come, cigar mouthed cussing up a storm
Let him slide this time, he’s been spooning honey from a well
Sure do tell oh Black Emmanuelle, I’ll win you with dice
Peel the onion from your skin, water you down with Hennessey
Bessie, tell your sister to give up on her man, he’s doing time
Done killed a man for showing you the righter passage of love
He’ll be buried underneath the skies above, no rain, no sunshine
Standing in line wearing masks on a Monday, no crime, no pay
Oh Black Emmanuelle, can’t you tell, I’ll paint these walls with hell
Drop a dollar, make fifty back, let lose your troubles in a heart attack
Burn your bridges in Brooklyn, never will you find a Brownsville boy
I stand stacked, multi lingual, been to Africa , brought the mothership back
Oh Black Emmanuelle, what done the white man do to my poor soul
Ain’t never shot a man in a drive by, mama wanted the best for me
Boogie man wore an MC jacket polluted my mind with cow punk
Where them mamas with gargantuan nipples, black milk in my black coffee
Shoo Shoo them blue eyed girls away, they were born to stress
Born to make money of this here disease, the black man’s sugar pain
Cold cocking that thing into that there there, turn the other cheek
Sure do know what you missing, boogie down thick black sistas
They shake shake the cold concrete, black hot coal tar from the street
Up the stairs into a wino’s bin, up to no good, two girls on a mission
Getting down with the ho down, make him wish he was Big Daddy Kane
Where were you when the blonde Nazi devoured me at the Novotel
Death is a German woman in a black leather jacket walking a dog
She didn’t kill me but she wore my skin Afro American black panther
What do my words do for you now, they done lost all their sweets
Candy coated mama looker, come wake me from this sleepiness
Taste the salt on my skin, lift me up from the underground
Bury me among the sheets of a Harlem hooker’s bed

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