Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ghetto Girls be Tick Tocking Out of Time
While You Glamorizing in your Faux Fur

Laid my eyes on an African model, why the white man wash you so clean
Made your hair out so straight, put you up on the cover of a magazine
Walking the runway like a soldier, never smiling, arms collected at the side
Have you no pride, little sister, tell me, is it money you putting out for
Was it your daddy that made you this way, done married a white woman
Or is it the high yella you come from, Southern girls sure do look fine
Somebody impregnated your mind, could have been a French photographer
Tell me young girl, why your body so thin, sitting there looking like a boy
Tomorrow, it’s Italy, next week Paris, don’t you get tired of putting up face
Wearing them outfits, ain’t no black woman ever wore her that, damn no
Poor girl, what you think you white, where you think that color comes from
Comes from a black man, he made you who you are, can’t hide from truth
Sure enough them white boys come looking for honey, taste of black sugar
Sitting around in clubs and bars getting high and wasted, would you put out
Would you raise your leg for a white man, or does he drug it out of you
Out in ghettos black girls know where it’s at, they sure do shake their money
Watch them hang a corner, talking girl talk, what their man done this time
Up late, getting done, what they ain’t got they get some, they be ticking
Like a bomb, got enough trouble on their mind, now they walking a fine line
What don’t they know about their baby daddy, he’s out there in the streets
Pushing, shoving, out of love, out of luck, one foot at home, one foot in jail
They got skin, they got color on their skin, black as gun powder, black faces
White teeth, they shake their bottoms in blue jeans, read up on magazines
African model with your hair so straight, watch them walk, watch them talk
They tick tocking out of time, while you glamorizing in your faux furs

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