Monday, February 10, 2014

Black Sugar melts in my Mouth

Honey sister chile, jerry curled, sleeping, wearing a shower cap
Lying next to you is your true blooded sister, young, oh so fine
But it is you I look at, it is you I have found something I want
Something that could keep them art girls from cussing at me
Left to think the world was white, that love was a white girl
Sitting with oil paint on her blue jeans, blond hair, lips so thin
What else would a Southern Kentucky whore want from a brotha
Waiting, wet in her palm, wet in her eyes, wet between her thighs

I saw you honey sister chile, I looked in the mirror and I said
Why not you, why not free myself from evil, that white world
So we began that long distance, a love affair over the phone
How we spent nights wishing we were closer, wanting to touch
You came back again to my mother’s home, to fit your prom dress
We went to see a movie, a white man’s movie about a Thief and a Cook
I held your body then, kissing you while two white girls were watching
Ten years went by, we never spoke, we never touched, we never called

Mama told me you had moved to the Bronx, living on Grand Concourse
You came by in a car, we drove around until we stopped at the MET
Parked and isolated in the dark, we kissed, I had your lips full on mine
So I would come over, in your car we would drive, I would wait for you
OBGYN, you brought babies into this world, but honey sister girl
No man had ever opened you up, made love last a long time
Virgin before my eyes, when we first made love, you cried for God
Your body like a truck, I hit it, had my finger prints on it, damn

I taught you the white man’s love, tied your legs to the bed
You fed me the white man’s love, bound my eyes, made me taste red

When you moved to another apartment, I had gotten on as a star
People paid money to come see me work, I was a man of the stage
So I didn’t love you the way I could, I didn’t touch you when you wanted
Driving up the FDR, we fought, spinning the wheel, damn near crashing
We fought, why for ten years, we never bothered to call, not even a letter

Last I heard you had died, my only black lover, died of a brain aneurysm
The white girls are virtual now, behind computers they keep to themselves
Send me waves over the world wide internet, fall for me on Facebook
It took ten years for us to find love, been forever since I new black love
Looking over pictures of black women, naked, in their beauty clothed
Their breasts, blossoming, thick, oh yes they are, mouths so full
Shades of black, from coffee to caramel, I look over these pictures
Like a social experiment, seeping into my conscience the black woman

For all that the European man did for me he took away my sight
Through his white lenses I saw skinny bones and freckles, green eyes
Now I look over these pictures on line and I know what I have missed
I’ve come from a white man’s disease of what is love, what is beauty
Now I see the black woman, I am possessed by the earth, I am man
I own up to my inside, that world I come from, made white by professors

So now I continue to look at these pictures of black women, honey chile
Sister girl, Baby cuz, lover girl, shorty, Coffee, brown skin love
I give of you my heart, forgive my mind, it’s Eurocentric, that’s my disease
See me as a black man who has seen more than most, I bring you wisdom
I bring you love from Africa, my knowledge is love, seeps into your skin
Bring me out from this social disease, bring me into a whole new world

A world where a black woman looks me in the eye, does not judge me
Sees me as a man, a modernist man, a gentle man:

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