Monday, February 10, 2014

These Words I said to a Woman,
Hair as Silk, Skin White as Powder

If I were to tell you that I open up my mouth and speak to God,
You’d probably say I needed medicine, put up in a straight jacket
Hold up in a tank, where the wild ones bow down call to Allah
Look me in the eye, I’m a brown skin man who has sat with God
Rested on his shoulder, felt his kingdom wash me down like water
You’d probably never understand, how mother held my hand
A child, in a wide open space we sat, a roof high above protected
Money they collected, but did I know we gave as much as received
Lover of light behold me, I’ve been among the stars, lover of light
Spirit angel, come guide me, take me as far as the sun, oh spirit angel
For it was a woman, hair as silk, skin of skin, white as powder
These words I said, that it is a God from which I come, will return
She listened, carefully spoke, told me I sounded like a hip hop song,
How can I call her friend, will she ever know I need a conscience
That God is a black ghetto super star, Black Skin Head Jesus Christ
Would take a bullet from a gun, shield me from a slayer’s knife
I’ve never shed blood, but my skin has known the whip, bending
From a headmaster, who was he, not my god, nothing but a pig
To this day I give a face, blessed is the man who worships in kind
Knows of a conscience greater than his, to this I call a God send
A knowing friend who walks with me, builds a strong second skin
Come, let us go away to find him, we need not get to Bethlehem
Sit with me, have a drink, discover, let these words pour from me
Collect them as they fill the air, in this space we build our kingdom
Knowing of a holier person, the unique reason we have come together
My reflection in the mirror is a face, a face like mine, my eyes I close
Head I bow, to lift my eyes I look up to praise, with words I wonder
This house is a garden, a place of love, when I sleep, I am one with God

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