Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Waking Lucifer at Church of Good Shepherd

Messing with the muse, sipping yolk from the egg shell, raw, reign on
I make blood magic, watch me possess these beautiful specks of light
Animals, stage birds, flocking to their dress rehearsals, hit your mark
Dance, the ballerina stance, fall into the arms of Horatio, street slut
Take me through the drugs, disco diva, petite amie, bi polar Deneuve
All the world’s thieves, at night they romp, Christina Christman allure
White turmoil, tears from Karen Black, mascara runs down her cheeks
Marionette, marionette, Play Misty for Me, I’m your Midnight Cowboy
Tell it to the mountains, waking Lucifer from Church of Good Shepherd
On these steps I curse Lolita, theater school girl with a long neck rifle
On these steps I see the naked bottom of Lulu, schizophrenic Nubian
They gather like sheep, marching them through a voluptuous horror
All eyes on me, I claim authority, I play the role of king in a lion’s den
Carcass, Magdalena, in memoriam, fading actress, lover, wife, Jessica
Lie on this table mattress, shake, rattle and roll, vulvalaria, water demon
Kitchen goddesses listen while you maim me, beast, afternoon delight
March the extras into the basement, lead actor, supporting role, heavy
These are the words you speak, say it with color, deliver them onto me
These are the girls who play the part, cuddle them until they blossom
Taking turns playing hero, action, walk us through your monologue
Breath the breath of Julius Caesar, keep us under your spell, now cut
Watch as your reading partner poses, she stretches her arms to and fro
Bends over until she touches the floor, grits her teeth, widens her yes
Refrain, come, let us gather our thoughts, I’m hanging on to surrender
Refresh your minds as to why we are here, we are catching luminescence
Like soldiers we embark on a journey, on this stage, far apart and separate
Closely bound, reformed, this is our Greek theater, we know no boundaries
When it’s all said and done, they carry our bodies one by one to grave

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